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Phoenix Technology Works

Phoenix Technology Works (PTW) is a Woman-Owned Small Business with a team of unique craftsmen and manufacturing capabilities. Since 2003, PTW has been supporting Tier One Customers in Aerospace prototype development and Low-Rate Initial Production.

PTW excels in the manufacturing of CNC, Large-Scale Master Models and Carbon Tooling. We also offer one-off and short-run production direct tooling. We have mastered the process of machining CompoTool Ceramic Tooling Board, along with other materials that exhibit the CTE of Carbon Tools. We follow the ISO 9001 standard and are currently in the certification process.

Our composite technicians excel in lay-up, whether it be Prepreg, Infusion or Wet Lay. When you need a master model machined or short-run prototype parts, Phoenix Technology Works will bring your vision to life.

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